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I'm Back....Sorta

2011-08-26 21:26:54 by DaneTrain05

I'm back with part of a song I'm working on. I really don't know what to do with it much. It seems like two different songs separated by the explosion..... /442086


2011-05-03 14:47:06 by DaneTrain05

Not even sure if people read these but I've been really effing busy with final projects and working that I haven't made anything lately. I will tell you this though, I started working on a few songs late last year before we got hit with 3 massive projects to do. They will be up after my finals are done. I have to catch up on all the Newgrounds stuff I've missed. If you leave a comment, let me know of a video or game that's fairly new that you liked. I'll check it out.

On the Way to Work

2010-12-28 23:30:02 by DaneTrain05 /386904

That's my new one. Driving to work is such a drag. This should help out a little bit. The morning drive to work and the one home don't have to be so bad.

Third song is up

2010-11-27 20:01:30 by DaneTrain05

My third song went up today and I wanted to explain why it's so jumpy and such. I started to make a horror themed song for one of my friends but I felt like a mash up would be better. This came about in a way that sounds kind of choppy but that was part of the plan. I hope you like it. :)


2010-11-04 23:37:39 by DaneTrain05

Second song is up. Hope you enjoy. Also, you're all amazing :) are those new shoes? They look great. Your smile makes me smile. I like your hair. Your shirt is awesome. Oh, and I love you. Sweet sweet man love.

First Song

2010-10-07 00:16:51 by DaneTrain05

My first song is up. Hope it's sweet. Also, you're sweet. Like cupcakes. But you won't make me fat like cupcakes will. Or will you? I hope not. Speaking of sweet, ever misspell it as sweat? That's embarrassing. You're all, "You're sweat." yeah? What about my sweat? ew, it's gross. Oh, and I hope you like my song.


2010-09-24 12:20:29 by DaneTrain05

Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal.


2010-09-17 19:27:30 by DaneTrain05

I suck at life and didn't read the rules.

MEH!!! I'm Trudy Beekman, I'm head of the Community Board. I'm going on a blimp. MEH!!


2010-09-17 01:13:19 by DaneTrain05

Doing a school project involving newgrounds. Should be pretty fun.


2010-06-05 19:05:15 by DaneTrain05